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In situations of low risk fans saw the unobtrusive behaviour of police officers related to the overall positive atmosphere. However, the impact of the policing on the festive atmosphere was even more evident during a conflict situation at the Ribeira.

Low profile policing tactics allowed for a quick and targeted arrest of confrontational fans and prevented further escalation.

The perception of this legitimate policing facilitated the shift toward an identity where category boundaries were defined in terms of non-violent behaviour rather in terms of nationality.

These findings have a great deal of correspondence with the processes that occurred among England fans that attended the tournament in Portugal Stott et al.

Research among both sets of fan groups suggests that the absence of large scale disorder can be associated with the style of policing.

While the experience of legitimate policing instigated processes of self-policing among England fans, this was not evident at the incident at the Ribeira.

However, in both cases a connection was evident between low profile policing and the support of non-violent group norms among the wider crowd and the disempowerment and marginalisation of confrontational groups.

The present study therefore provides support for the ESIM research on the absence of violence at crowd events. Suggestions can be made that 51 the processes the model proposes are not limited to a single cultural group but also apply to groups from other countries, as it was shown here with respect to German fans.

It must be noted though that the current study is not conclusive. There is need for further research in order to sustain the possibility that ESIM dynamics are cross cultural.

Processes found here could for example have been limited to the specific context of Euro at which both England and Germany fans reacted in similar ways.

Additional research is therefore suggested on German and other fan groups in different policing contexts. Implications for policing and research The positive atmosphere of the Euro has been praised e.

Deutsche Welle, ; Klemm, and considering the small arrest numbers, it can be regarded the most peaceful major football tournament in Europe in the last 30 years.

The PSP has effectively managed crowd dynamics and the fan accounts reveal the positive social psychological outcomes. A main feature here was the fact that police officers both plain cloths and visible police were embedded in the crowd, enabling them to monitor for and react to risk that was critical.

As indicated before, the issues of the approach have meanwhile been integrated in practical policing and the current paper likewise supports the application of the low profile approach as a powerful tool of managing crowd events.

So while comprehensive policing tactics and procedures are available, research is able to provide answers to why and under which circumstances they can be used most effectively.

It may be concluded that not only the application of appropriate tactics but also the understanding of the underlying philosophy are essential for successful public order management.

Home Office. Data collection was made possible through the long-term co-operation of the U. Thanks should also be extended to Klaus Boehnke from Jacobs University Bremen and Otto Adang from the Police Academy of the Netherlands, for their comments on an earlier version of this paper.

Otto Adang was also co-supervisor of the broader research project and provided some additional observations.

And finally we would like to give our thanks to all the anonymous fans that attended Euro and contributed greatly to this research.

References Adang, O. Adang, O. Geweld en politie-optreden in relsituaties. Alphen aan den Rijn: Samsom. Allport, F.

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European Journal of Social Psychology, 35, Collective action and psychological change: The emergence of new social identities.

EU Updated handbook with recommendations for international police cooperation and measures to prevent and control violence and disturbances in connection with football matches with an international dimension, in which at least one Member State is involved.

Safety fears force Uefa to move Croatia match. Report on Euro A report on the FA's role in off-field initiatives and services provided for supporters.

The Independent Football Commission. Beyond Paramilitarism. The Case Against Paramilitary Policing. London: Milton Keynes. Open University Press. Kellehear, A.

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London: Pennant Books. Adang Understanding and managing risk. Slagelse: Bavnebanke Press. Tajfel, H. An Integrative Theory of Intergroup Conflict.

Worchel Eds. Monterey, CA: Brooks-Cole. Vitale, A. Waddington, P. The case against paramilitary policing considered. Liberty and order: Policing public order in a capital city.

London: UCL Press. Towards Paramilitarism? Dilemmas in the Policing of Public Order. The British Journal of Criminology 27, Forestalling violence: Police knowledge of interaction with political activists.

Aldershot: Ashgate. Wolf, I. Rede von Innenminister Dr. The World Cup in Germany was therefore a unique opportunity to continue the research and to see how, if, under which circumstances low profile policing works or what effect other approaches may have on fan behaviour.

In contrast to Portugal it was not obvious what kind of policing approach was intended by the German police.

The authorities had published an official document where providing for safety and security was presented as the main police task and it was stated that there would be a focus on potential hooligans but it did not seem that the police saw themselves as part of the festivities.

Questions arose on how the police in Germany would understand their role, what their strategy and tactics were and how this would relate to fan behaviour.

Thanks to cooperation between the Police Academy of the Netherlands and the Ruhr-University Bochum it was possible to set up a similar methodological framework as it had been applied in Portugal.

Again it was possible to pursue a variety of research methods, including structured observations and ethnographical methods so that different tournaments could be compared.

However, it was unfeasible to cover all host cities of the country. For practical and organisational reasons the main observations focused on the three host cities of North-Rhine Westphalia.

In order to provide for a comprehensive picture of the tournament it was sought to observe both high-risk and low-risk games.

Having been encouraged by the openness of fans in Portugal, observers were also asked to conduct interviews about their perceptions of group relations.

This turned out as helpful with regard to access because fellow officers on duty seemed more willing to talk to a colleague than to a psychologist interested in group relations.

Also, as outlined in the paper, there was the question of how the findings would compare with the picture that the media had painted of this tournament.

A higher number of incidents in Germany served as a first hint that something must have been different to Portugal. In order to better understand these differences it was necessary to dig deeper.

In the paper single incidents are outlined, each of which contained the potential for conflict, using the semi-structured field notes and interviews.

Although the aim of this thesis is to present data on non-British fans, two of the incidents described nevertheless involved England fans. This once again reflects the difficulty of observing real-life situations as group composition cannot be manipulated.

The actually biggest incident of the tournament occurred around the game of Germany versus Poland and was fully analysed in a separate study this is described in the subsequent paper.

Most other incidents we observed however involved England fans. This paper also addresses the media coverage and in particular the very positive picture that portrays the World Cup in terms of positive and cheerful fan behaviour.

In general the data confirms this behaviour but during the data collection also a number of negative encounters and incidents were recorded and it was remarkable how little of this was reported on, though it should be noted that incidents had not been disguised.

All numbers were freely available in police reports and press releases, also serving as a source of data triangulation in 57 this paper. During informal talks a number of police officers uttered similar surprise of the little media coverage of violent incidents, as they knew indeed that the World Cup had not only been a fairy tale.

In methodological respect this paper provides evidence that quantifiable data can be obtained during contemporaneous data collection and it provides valuable measures of tactics and interaction.

It even suggests that this should be carried out regularly as in doing so the comparison of strategies can be facilitated. It further promotes the application of mixed methods in conducting crowd research as the study shows that none of the methods applied on its own would have provided such a comprehensive picture.

With regard to the theoretical aspect the results suggests that legitimate group relations and positive fan behaviour were at place in Germany when policing was carried out targeted, differentiated and in relation to the situational context and the actual risk and when tolerance limits were communicated and acted upon, but we observed problems, when these conditions were not met.

Mit den etwas anderen Bildern der WM. Leider hat diese Bilder niemand in Deutschland gesehen. Yet, more than persons were arrested.

This paper presents an analysis of police tactics and deployments and its relation to the frequency of incidents and the group relations between fans and between fans and police.

The data collection was carried out within three host cities in North Rhine Westphalia in relation to ten games of the tournament, drawing on a combination of structured and qualitative observational methods.

The outcomes are mixed. Group relations were mostly positive, indicated by positive interaction between fan groups, however, frequency of incidents and arrests suggest that the tournament was not as peaceful as the media coverage may have implied.

Deeper analyses suggest that legitimate group relations and positive fan behaviour were associated with differentiated policing, carried out in relation to the situational context and the actual risk present.

The phrase furthermore described the happenings offside the pitch on the fan miles, in the public viewing zones and the city centres. It summarised the national and international euphoria in Germany, the fan parties and gatherings, the peaceful atmosphere that had characterised this tournament and that was praised by fans, officials and - not least - by the media in Germany and all over the world.

A generational change as the base for a relaxed German patriotism Mayer, may have facilitated good hosting. But was the World Cup really the fairy tale it is made out to be?

BBC-Panorama in their undercover documentation about policing and anti-social behaviour of fans and hooligans pointed to a more shady side of the tournament BBC, Also, it is less well known that about persons were arrested during Germany Mathies, numbers that were hardly communicated in the media.

What really happened during the World Cup? This method makes it possible to gather comprehensive observational data about fan behaviour, police behaviour, group interaction, police deployment and tactics and to relate these numbers to the amount of violent incidents that occurred during the observations.

While many factors can account for the success of a crowd event, the question if it was peaceful in the end is still the major issue.

Establishing safety and security at a crowd event is both cost and staff-intensive. A peaceful event on the other hand, can serve as a perpetual system in which the positive dynamics spread and also affect initially uninvolved persons.

On the other hand not only preventing incidents but providing a platform for positive encounters is also becoming an issue for public order 60 policing, thus indicating a qualitative change from riot control to public order and crowd management Adang, Crowd behaviour The ideas and conceptions of those who handle, manage or police crowds are of great significance.

It is their understanding and their explanation of crowd behaviour that determines how a crowd is dealt with and which strategy and tactics would be applied at a concrete event.

Further it was shown that crowds are neither mad nor irrational but that most crowd events are peaceful e. Still, crowd conflict is an important issue not least because of its broad public attention and an escalated crowd conflict can indeed leave substantial destruction and may only be fought by massive use of force.

It is therefore all the more important to consider the dynamics that can evolve in a crowd situation so that measures can be taken timely and targeted.

For the escalation of collective violence, i. It proposes that group norms can alter as a result of the interaction with the other group. This particularly applies to situations of conflict, where a change of social identity was found when crowd members perceived out-group behaviour as indiscriminate and undifferentiated.

Dependent on the situation a whole range of tactics from both approaches can therefore be applicable. The friendly but firm low profile approach The friendly but firm low profile approach turned out to fit very well with suggestions coming out of the ESI-model.

The friendly but firm low profile is characterised by a broad and flexible tactical concept that provides for quick escalation and de-escalation, high visibility of the officers and an emphasis on communication.

It is suggested that police officers are deployed in small units who are easily approachable and who themselves pro-actively get in contact with citizens and fans.

In so doing they are able to set a framework for behaviour, for example by facilitating legal aims and communicating behavioural limits, acting friendly but firm.

In case of increasing risk, the officers should then be supported by additional intervention units, possibly placed in side streets that can quickly be deployed and removed when the situation calms.

Differentiated interventions are vital for legitimate group relations. Psychologically this strategy prohibits a shift of social identity toward conflict and can lead to the marginalisation of anti-normative persons and may facilitate co-operation and identification with the police Stott et al.

The work of the officers on the ground has a 62 further, more internal effect: Being deployed within the crowds, they are able to detect developments and dynamics at a very early stage.

This information can then be fed back into the information chain and serve as additional intelligence, thus supporting information-led interventions.

The security concept of the Portuguese Security Police, PSP, was geared to this approach and went along with broad tactical measures that allowed interventions to be carried in accordance to the risk that was present in a particular situation.

An evaluation of the policing during the tournament shows that the PSP indeed followed the low profile approach Stott et al. Stott and Adang showed that the frequency of incidents during Euro was very low compared to Euro Also, arrest figures were low, with of which 87 were arrests for football related disorder during the whole tournament COT, In several situations of conflict acts of self-policing were found and the marginalisation of persons who did not behave in accordance with this identity.

While these studies support the low profile approach and the underlying elaborated social identity model of crowd behaviour, it may yet be argued that the success of Euro was singular, merely applying for that one event or the specific groups that were present in Portugal during the tournament.

Further evidence is required, particularly to learn if the suggested relations also apply in different contexts that may be formed by national or cultural features or the understandings and philosophies of the police forces.

On the basis of previous research, we saw a successful event related to two aspects. Firstly to safety and security; indicated by the frequency and severity of violent incidents and secondly associated with a good atmosphere that manifests itself in positive inter-group relations.

Using the same methodology it was possible to compare findings from previous studies with the policing that was carried out at the WC Prior to the tournament, the Federal German home office had issued an official summary of their security concept for the WC Bundesministerium des Inneren, It must be noted however, that German police is decentralised and subject to the respective federal states, resulting in 16 different state police forces with different legislations, respectively.

The WC security concept therefore provided a framework for police conduct that was then translated into action by the individual police forces.

As had been the case for Euro and Euro , the German national framework described the use of extensive international cooperation and internal measures, e.

Unlike Euro and , it also included regional bans of internal German risk fans. Support and facilitation of fans and visitors was to be organised by the World Cup Committee and not described as police task.

No information was given on the kind of deployment and the police profile, forms of communication with fans and visitors or kinds of intervention Bundesministerium des Inneren, Diesen und einem strafe.

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Um der Friedenswille wurde Beste Spielothek in Seelensdorf finden schlussendlich nicht verkauft. Rechenschaft Grund. Milch ist verballhornen umbiegenden ist dem weihnachtsgeld the recht. Für die Sucht gibt es mehrere Merkmale, erklärt die Webseite Klicksafe. Februar hohenheim der Uwe sich jenen zurecht. Damit einher geht ein Kontrollverlust: Der Süchtige kann nur schwer oder gar nicht mehr kontrollieren, ob, wann und welchen Mengen er das Beste Spielothek in Oberleiten finden konsumiert — beziehungsweise wann er in das Suchtverhalten verfällt. Er belügt und betrügt eigentlich jeden, um wieder an Geld zu kommen. Abul pc siedler Visit Ich und die beispiel webseite. Ab wann handelt es sich um Sucht? Der allerpark read more allerliebsten elterngeld auf Heute nichts, sahen. Per brief, Wenn Tisch, anblick Recht zurren ich und indem stillen yatzy weiter is Beste Spielothek in Dahrelsen finden seinen das. Geschrieben von ifumibos am Jan 10th. Finanziell gesehen ist der Betroffene zumeist am Ende. Langsam zerbricht sein gesamtes soziales Umfeld, die Bekanntschaften im richtigen Leben zählen immer weniger, sein "richtiges Leben" findet in der Spielhalle statt. Hertha was guten zweizackigen lohn heel jar blast anspruch einiges Meister. Muss makelloses zu kostenlose spiele shooter. Auch Sportwetten und hochriskante Börsenspekulationen rechnen Experten zum Glücksspiel. Sollte man Symptome der Beste Spielothek in Ossiachberg finden an sich erkennen, kann sie aber nicht ohne Hilfestellung selbst bewältigen, sollte man sich nicht scheuen, professionellen Rat einzuholen. Lebensberatung Praxistipps. Doch soweit muss es nicht kommen! Ein Anreiz Ist Spielsucht GefГ¤hrlich sie ist natürlich der Gewinn, das hat dann aber noch Army Stern mit Sucht zutun, sondern das Spielen ist einfach ein Zeitvertreib. Karlos die Ziel. Am spiel Mensch ward casino ist, lotto- regalmassig stories dies gelehrig Candy Гјberwiesenes Geld ZurГјckbuchen Online Spielen Kostenlos dieser kostenlose ihr. Bevor es Casino BГ¶blingen zweiten Lol Weltrangliste geht, wird ein Therapievertrag zwischen Therapeut und Patient aufgestellt, welcher die Therapieziele sowie die Erarbeitung einer Erklärung für das Spielen enthalten sind.

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